Hot Damn! Jolly Rancher Booze Time!

I don’t know if you people have heard of this amazing concoction, but if you take about six shots of vodka, and pour it on top of about one pack of Jolly Ranchers, you can come back in about six hours and have some amazing flavoured vodka. This stuff is still basically 40%, and should not be a thing that can be made in the leisure of one’s own home. Literally, the hardest part of this is finding a bottle that fits Jolly Ranchers down its neck, and won’t dissolve in contact with the terrible vodka that is still barely affordable. Anyway, I missed you guys! Exams suck!

Screw you, stock photo exam writer.

In other news, I shaved off all but 10mm of my hair off, which turned out to be less hideous than I had feared. The biggest downside was in the middle of the night right after when I woke up, and moved back, waiting for my hair to hit the backboard. Of course, my hair had been cut off and I smashed my head onto the back of the bed, startling me and waking me up all the way. Yes, it was still embarrassing despite the fact that I was alone.

I’m back people.

See you Sunday when I bring Billy the Slug Boy III onto the site and end the series for good. There is only so much slug-related humour that exists.

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One Response to Hot Damn! Jolly Rancher Booze Time!

  1. cameron says:

    I believe you may be becoming an alcoholic.

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